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Motorway Incident Screen - Overview

Axi-Shield Ltd provides versatile, mobile screens for fast, safe deployment on major roads and motorways, to prevent secondary accidents and congestion caused by rubbernecking.

  - 250 people are killed each year, in the UK, in incidents related to rubbernecking (DfT report).
  - Congestion attributed to rubbernecking presents a significant cost to industry.
  - Rubbernecking refers to the phenomenon where drivers are distracted from normal driving by the visual interest created by the aftermath of a major road incident.

Axi-Shield Ltd offer two products in this sector:
Axi-Shield 1200 Axi-Shield 1800
All-round mobile incident screen, optimised for length. The ultimate mobile incident screen, optimised for wind performance.
Medium wind rating High wind rating
Up to 120m (four modules) Up to 80m (two modules)
Single dedicated trailer Single dedicated trailer

Optimised for safety and performance
- Easy, fast deployment with limited manual handling

- Deployment in winds up to 25mph

Versatile deployment
- Modules and systems can be connected together to increase obscuration

- Complete system transported on one dedicated trailer

Multiple deployment configurations
- Free standing, with no external dependency

- Modular design allows many deployment configurations

Comprehensive vision obscuration
- Fabric design completely obscures vision
Axi-Shield Motorway Screen